below are our most asked questions when hosting an event.  for Additional INFORMATION, email us at or complete a party inquiry form.

What size containers do you offer?

We have select flavors available in our half-gallons and 3-gallon tubs. For smaller groups, we offer hand-packed pints and quarts in all of our available flavors.  See our BULK ICE CREAM LIST.


What toppings do you have available?

We have many toppings that we package for parties.  Hot fudge, butterscotch, strawberries, pineapple, peanut butter sauce, whipped cream, marshmallow, jimmies, and walnuts.


How much ice cream should I order?

We estimate one of our 3-gallon tubs will serve about 50 people.  We estimate one of our half-gallons serve approximately 8 adults and our hand-packed quarts serve approximately 5.


Can I receive cups, spoons and napkins with my order?

Yes.  We can supply Bedford Farms cups, spoons and napkins with your order.


Do you deliver?

Orders are available for pick-up at our Bedford or Concord shop. Sorry, we are not able to deliver or cater events at this time.


Can you help us scoop?

As much as we love to party, we do not cater events at this time.


How do I keep the ice cream cold?

If you have a freezer source available, then we recommend storing the tubs there.  If not, you can store the tubs in a cooler.  We highly recommended keeping the lids closed on coolers and serving the product within an hour or so of pick up.  To make it easier to scoop, you can always let the tubs sit out 10-20 minutes before scooping.


How big are your tubs? What are the dimensions?

Our 3-gallons tubs are approximately 11" tall and 10" in diameter.


What flavors do you have that are dairy-free?

We offer dairy-free sorbets.  Click here to see allergen list: FOOD ALLERGY INFO


What flavors do you have that are gluten-free?

Believe it or not, most of our flavors are gluten free!  Most likely, flavors that have cookie or brownie pieces incorporated do include gluten.  Click here to see allergen list: FOOD ALLERGY INFO


What flavors do you have that are nut-free?

We have lots of flavors that are nut-free however we are not a nut-free shop as there are nuts on the premise.  Click here to see allergen list: FOOD ALLERGY INFO


How should I pay?

Upon pick up, we will be happy to take your payment.  We accept cash, check or credit.


Do you sell ice cream scoops?

Of course!  For larger parties, we will include a plastic scoop for your convenience.  You may purchase additional scoops upon pick up if needed.


What flavors do you have available?

We frequently change our menus, rotate flavors and create new ones.  However we are always making our most popular flavors which can be found in our 3-gallon tubs and half-gallons.  If there is a flavor that you desire to have at your party, just ask. We are always happy to pack a quart or pint for you.