Bedford Farms was founded by the J.B. Prescott Company in the 1880's and is the longest continuously running business in the town of Bedford today.

1880 to 1950's -  During the late 40's and 50's the dairy began making ice cream. The ice cream was sold at Bedford Farms and also wholesale under the Bedford Farms label to local stores and homes.

1950's to 1984 - During this period, the dairy business went through many changes. Small dairy operations and home delivery were a part of small town family life. However, by the late 60's, many local dairies gave way to regional dairies. After 80 years of dairying, Bedford Farms milk division was sold and the business was operated just as a local ice cream stand.

1984 - The current owners, Joe and Dave Venuti, purchased Bedford Farms Ice Cream in 1984. Since this time, Bedford Farms continues to add a wide variety of premium ice cream flavors, gourmet frozen yogurt selections, and new soft serve ice cream delights to satisfy customer's insatiable taste buds.

2001 - Bedford Farms Ice Cream expanded to a new location in Concord, MA at 68 Thoreau Street.

2008 - Bedford Farms Ice Cream expanded its ice cream production into a new location behind our main Bedford stand at 18 North Rd. (located next to Callahan's Karate Studio). It is here where a lot of our homemade flavors are created and churned up for all the Bedford Farms fanatics!

2015 - Bedford Farms opened its doors up at 3rd Ave in Burlington, MA across from Wegman's and next to David's Tea.  


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