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PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING FORM TO PLACE A CUSTOM ICE CREAM COOKIE SANDWICH ORDER.  A Minimum order of 12 sandwiches and incremental order of 4 after that IS required. all orders WILL BE READY FOR PICK UP AT THE bedford shop ONLY - 18 north road, BEDFORD MA.  Please allow 48 hourS lead time ON MOST ORDERS.  LARGER ORDERS may require extra time.  Please contact us at WITH ANY QUESTIONS.


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Date of Pick Up (48 hour lead time is required) *
Date of Pick Up (48 hour lead time is required)
ALL orders will be picked up at the Bedford shop located at 18 North Road, Bedford, MA. 48 Hours lead time is required. Please contact us at or 781.275.6501 about your order.
NOTE: MUST order in increments of 4 sandwiches. A MINIMUM of 12 sandwiches are required for a customized order.
NOTE: A list of our ice cream flavors can be found in the "flavor" section of our site.